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Hunted Bodega Bay & Jenner, Sonoma County, California

Russian River Meets the Pacific Ocean

02 JUN 09 - 03 JUN 09 (Posted 9 AUG 09)

Lisa and I had intended our destination, for the next couple of days, to be Bodega Bay, California (the city featured in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, a favorite of Lisa's) but we instead journeyed a bit more north to an even quieter and romantically remote town of Jenner, California and the Jenner Inn, Bed & Breakfast.

Make no mistake about it, this is California's wine country. When I mentioned Napa Valley to the inn keeper, I was quickly rebuked about how Sonoma country is regarded, by those in the know, as being the definitive California region for producing the most highly acclaimed wines.

At the Jenner Inn, our Avalon room overlooked the Russian River which flows directly into the Pacific Ocean. The is also Great White territory so the resident seals were sure to stay protected by communing on the interior-side of the beach.

Just Chillin'

Jenner is not a place to visit if you need access to a cell phone, because along this nortern coastline, cell coverage was non-existent. Given the hour and the fact the we were pretty remote, we quickly made arrangements to eat at the River's End for a fine-dining experience. Lisa had the Halibut and I enjoyed a rare cut of North American Elk.

At this time of year, temperatures still drop considerably in the evening, so we were sure to turn on the fireplace for a cozy evening.

The following morning we arose before sun rise to get some photographs of the seal activity where the Russian river merges with the Pacific Ocean.

A Seal's Salute

Having finished our Breakfast Lisa and I decided to travel further north towards Salt Point along the spectacular (if not treacherous) coastal roadway for our day's activity.

View of Coast Highway 1

By the time we had returned, everything in the small town was closed so we proceeded south to Bodega Bay and The Tides Wharf restaurant (which incidentally was made famous by The Birds).

Sunset at Jenner, California

The following morning we said our farewells to Jenner and began making our way south east towards the highlight of our trip, Yosemite National Park. Along the way we stopped at the old schoolhouse which was also featured in The Birds.

The Birds at the Tides Wharf Restaurant, Bodega Bay, California.
Nikon D3, 200mm/F2 VR

Once we got back to civilization, we were able to use my iPhone to make overnight arrangements at another bed & breakfast (Big Creek Meadow Ranch) just off of route 120 west of Yosemite.

During our trip to Sonoma County, we hadn't the need for our Beltronics GX-65 as we did not encounter a single redlight camera or speed trap. And, what a nice break it was.

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